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?013 Executive Board ?/td>
Chairman Nikki A. C. Sheppick
Vice Chariman Ken Thompson
Secretary to the Board Leota Voelker
Treasurer to the Board Larry Cowell
?/td> ?/td>
Larry Cowell
Beth Perret
Karen Jurzcak
LaVerne Williams
?/td> ?/td>
?013 Society Officers ?/td>
Beth Perret
Vice President Larry Cowell and Elizabeth Perret
Society Social Secretary Karen Jurzcak
Society Treasurer
Program Director Ken Thompson
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?013 Membership Information

Today's Society's address is: by writing to:?

Charleroi Areas Historical Society
ATTN: Secretary

807 Fallowfield Avenue
Charleroi, PA  ?15022

Many of the members of the Society are active participants in many civic/community affairs.?

To be a member:?/strong>
Active - $25.00
requires attending 6 meetings per year to be in good standing, can vote, and receives a quarterly newsletter.

Inactive - $20.00
not required to attend meetings, can't vote, but receives a quarterly newsletter.