North Charleroi History

Lock 4: Crossroads of Pennsylvania Transportation History - from highways, to the RR's, to trolleys and their routes to Eldora Park and the south side of Pittsburgh and as far south as Roscoe, PA, Monessen, Belle Vernon and more, to the Charleroi-Monessen Bridge and the old and new Locks named "4" - this small river side community has industriously served its surrounding inhabitants since its inception. PA Governor Tener whose hand touched many of these directly in some way before becoming a Governor, as well as signing the Highway Commission (PennDOT) and PHMC (State Historical Society) into existence among many other things was a major pusher in building the National Registered of Historic Places Mercantilist's C-M Bridge.

The old Lock 4 still stands as a historical icon of what began the community of Lock 4 with many of the River Navigation houses and buildings still intact and the CAHS, Inc. has much documented information thanks to the shared historian, C. B. Copeland who began working at Lock 4 at the young age of 15 till he retired as a pensioned state worker many, many years later.

The Lock 4 community is also home to some interesting "buildings in the round" created by Walter Rockwell, Sr., and as with many of the other interesting Monongahela River communities produced other personalities of multi-era interest.