1. Organize, preserve, record all available historical information about the local area, early settlers, their achievements and contributions; record rise of early businesses and industries in photographs, records, and other memorabilia/items from the past in a permanent location (archives) so that it will be available for posterity.
2. Promote fellowship of all persons interested in the objectives of the Society.
3. Encourage younger generation to appreciate their history and instill in them the desire to help the community and save their heritage.
4. Encourage and preserve community spirit.
5. Cooperate with other historical societies in the MV to preserve all historical landmarks and communities.
  The mission of the CAHS shall be to provide a coherent history of the area, preserving its artifacts, collecting its memorabilia and to pictorially preserve in photograph and writing its history, people and events.

History of Society

The Society began in 1973 through the efforts of many people in the town of Charleroi with the first President being Margaret Conner (1973-75), George West (1975-1977), then with our esteemed present Board of Directors member Lois Hawe (1977-1982), followed by Elaine Paluso (1982-1996), then Edward Palumbo (1997-1999) after which Darlene Pennline, with Jean Roberts serving 2 terms, then with Darlene Pennline again, now Elizabeth Perret serving as the Society Program Presidents.

The Society reorganized via a vote of the majority in 2000-01-02 and with the concerted assistance of the Society officers (Pennline, Williams, Sheppick and other supporting CAHS members) and Society attorney (Melvin Bassi) they began the process of becoming an official 501(c)3 non-profit business that it obtained in 2002 under the leadership of a newly formed Board of Directors. Chairman of the Board: Jean Roberts (2002-3), Albert Protin (2003-4), Milt Kubik (2004-mid-2009) and Nikki A. C. Sheppick (present).

Since 2002, the Charleroi Area Historical Society, Inc. has been moving aggressively ahead in making sure others realize the importance of Charleroi Area history, especially as it is affiliated with the 2nd largest industry in Pennsylvania: Heritage Tourism in a very important Heritage Corridor region.