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They count too! Ask us! The Board has set up a community fund for the sake of the whole Charleroi Area for Heritage-oriented community projects. If you reside outside of PA, please call: 724-483-4961 for more info.
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CAHS 2012 News & Events


All three DVDs are all now available...
"Business, As Always, "Roses in December" and "Charleroi Society, With Love are now available at the CAHS Genealogy & History Research Center, and at the front desk in the John K. Tener Library. Many faces, names and businesses can be seen in these historical films that many can enjoy for a very reasonable cost. All profits benefit the CAHS, Inc. and will be used to help heritage-tourism projects in the Charleroi school district area. $10 each.

Also, a limited 2nd Edition of the bi-centennial 1990 George Martinet's, published Charleroi AREA Historical Society - history book will be released soon - to help generate some funds for the John K. Tener Library. More information will be forth coming in the near future!


Bridgemapper.com hosted the First Annual Historic Bridge Weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 10-12, 2009. Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success! Click here to view photos from this exciting weekend!


Charleroi Mayor Frank Paterra received the official documents regarding Charleroi's status on the National Register.

He is shown presenting the documents to then newly incoming Charleroi Area Historical Society's 2008 President, Darlene Pennline. The CAHS paid $10,000 Terry Necciai to do the 2nd step to the National Register process in order to provide further state and federal grants and tax credits for the property owners and to the community at large, establishing Charleroi as a living museum of important period architecture that reflects the span of time of pre-1890 to 1920 predominantly and some extending to 1950. Charleroi is noteworthy as one of the last "Boom towns" in the 1800s.

This also lists the community with the Department of the Interior (National Parks).

This action by the CAHS helped to increase the importance of the properties and buildings for the people in Charleroi affiliated with the Historic District.

Research is on-going and increasing
A volunteer has completed field trips investigating the locations and photographing information related to all known cemeteries in the Charleroi school district area in order to ascertain their condition and to investigate PHMC assistance.

Field trips to discover any other structure, building or place of historical interest is still on-going.

All information and pictures re: to these cemeteries has been listed with the PAWASH link site.

Program Meetings
Every third Monday evening each month

1) The Society is officially in the National Register of Historic Places!  In 1986, the Pennsylvania History & Museum Commission came through SW PA and placed onto the nomination list many places throughout the region.  Unfortunately, due to ignorance and in some cases outright foolishness, many of the "historical treasures" that could have been utilized for tourism purposes have been torn down in many of our communities.  Charleroi has been recognized as an Era town - showcasing much of the architecture that was built and existed predominantly during the very late 1800s and very early 1900s.  It also has a rich history in many other venues besides its architecture.  Transportation, industrial, political, regional and its preceding history connected with its preceding Fallowfield Township history as well.
2)?Genealogy & History Research Center - you can contact at 807 Fallowfield Avenue in Charleroi.? Target Date for Public Use:? began February 1st, 2005 - days, hours, and fees can be found by contacting charAHsocietyinc@yahoo.com .
?br> 3)?Advocation and assistance regarding Mini-Museums throughout town and school district area in order to help the downtown district as well as "spread the wealth" via Walking & Driving Tours brochures.
4)?3 Phase Process regarding up-to-date inventory of Society archives.?1st Phase was completed completion, 2nd and 3rd Phases also were caught up and are still on-going as new items and materials come in.

5)?If you are searching for genealogical and history information pertaining to the Charleroi area then please call: ?24-483-4961 or write to - with specifics:  CAHS Gen & History Research Center, ATTN: ?Gen or History), 807 Fallowfield Avenue, Charleroi, PA 15022

6) All information, pictures, and documentation is being accumulated to place into a new history book that will cover the history of the whole school district area. Copies of items of interest will be processed, inventoried, archived, and utilized toward seeing this goal and project completed as funding and research provides.

Fundraiser Update
The first of a series has been produced of booklets that will help educate and inform more about segments of Charleroi's history. Contact or send $10 to the:
CAHS Genealogy & History Research Center
ATTN:  Booklets
807 Fallowfield Avenue
Charleroi, PA 15022